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Samsung Matches Google And Apple With New Android Update Policy

Thankfully, it’s fashionable to support your pricey phone with operating system updates for several years. Along with Google and Apple, Samsung has pledged to provide security patches for the Galaxy S24 for seven years and at least seven generations of Android updates.

For the business, which now provides four years of OS updates for the Galaxy S23 and other chosen Samsung handsets, this is a significant step forward. The Korean business used to provide three years of Android support for its phones in 2021, so the new policy is a big improvement over what was offered a few years earlier.

The 18th of January saw an update to this story. Below is an update.

All Android users should rejoice about this news, since other companies will surely follow. Following Samsung’s 2022 announcement that it was expanding Later that year, OnePlus followed the strategy, extending its level of software support to at least four years. The days of guaranteeing a single Android upgrade for a pricey phone are long gone. In the end, we managed to get Samsung to act—or at least react—after Google threatened to withhold parts, security fixes, and operating system updates for seven years.

I have inquired about whether Samsung will provide seven years of spare parts support for the Galaxy S24, like Google does for the Pixel 8. This is a crucial component of Google’s offer in the fight against the iPhone 15, which is plagued by locked software that makes repairs difficult without Apple’s approval. When one of the YouTubers with knives in their mouths performs a breakdown of the Galaxy S24, we will have to wait and see if Samsung has employed a similar software lockout method.
Furthermore, it is unknown if Samsung will apply this new regulation to other Galaxy phones. In 2022, it accomplished this exact goal by extending compatibility for already-existing devices. I have enquired with Samsung about this idea, and as soon as I hear back from them, I will update this post.

One crucial point to remember is that “availability and timing of Android OS upgrades and security updates may vary by device model,” according to the news release’s fine print. We’ll have to wait and see how Samsung elaborates on the possibility that not every Galaxy S24 model or area will be covered by the new upgrade strategy.

This is undoubtedly the most significant improvement because it offers genuine value for the money, even with the phone’s enhanced hardware and additional AI capabilities. Considering that the Galaxy S24 costs more than $1,000, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that it should still be functional in 2031.

In recent years, all phone manufacturers have started promoting their environmental credentials. In fact, according to Samsung, the S24 range’s design and componentry use more recycled resources. But for Android phone manufacturers, who have gladly dabbled in producing disposable handsets for years, the phone’s battery life has proven to be a sticking point. It is now impossible to overlook the new update policy as it is a crucial component of the environmental puzzle.
Regarding how it extended its Android support policy, Samsung did not respond to my inquiries. However, TechRadar found an intriguing detail in the terms and conditions of the Galaxy S24 webpage that may provide some light on the matter.

Update January 18th

The terms and conditions stated, “Until the end of 2025, Galaxy AI features will be provided for free.” That clearly raises the prospect that the Korean business may charge for some of the AI features—like Live Translate and Chat Assist—that it revealed yesterday. This could be the cost of that extended assistance. By requiring a regular subscription for some essential device features, Samsung may recover part of the costs associated with maintaining your smartphone’s operating system and those AI services.

I mentioned this in a recent article regarding Google’s updated offerings. The business is now running numerous significant discounts on its Pixel 8 range in addition to an intensive marketing push. In addition to redesigning services like Google Podcasts, YouTube Premium, and Assistant, it also offered a significant Play Pass discount at the same time. It’s likely that we’ll see a premium edition of Bard in the near future. In addition to selling phones, the objective is to get customers to sign up for as many subscriptions within Google’s network as feasible.

During the same launch cycle, Google and Samsung both announced seven years of software support for their devices, and both are experimenting with paywalled AI services. This offers a look into the not too distant future and possibly clarifies how these Businesses are able to cover over ten years of software support.

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